The Benefits of Honey 

Bees and honey have been highly regarded in societies stretching as far back as 4,000 - 5,000 year ago. Honey has been used in recipes in Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures and we’re still learning new things about its benefits today. Athletes in the early variation of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece were known to have eaten honey to give them an energy boost before competing.


Many people use honey as a natural alternative to using refined sugar as a sweetener in drinks and recipes, but honey doesn’t just taste delicious, it also helps to promote your body’s production of antioxidants. Antioxidants play an important role in your body by helping your cells avoid behaving in ways that cause your body to develop diseases.


Did you know that honey has an element of antibacterial power to it? Honey probably won’t help if your arm has fallen off, but small cuts or burns can be covered in honey to prevent the growth of bacteria in the open wound! People have long been consuming honey to temper the effects of sore throats and fight off unwanted bacteria deep in the gut for people with upset stomachs!

Although we all dream of honey drizzled over cereal, honey glazed hams and honey on toast, it has many other uses in the kitchen that many never even consider. Honey can be used a replacement for putting sugar in your tea of coffee but remember, although honey is less calorific per spoonful than sugar, it is sweeter so you won’t need to use as much! Honey can be used as a replacement for sugar in near enough any recipe you can think of, but honey is 20% water, so be sure to adjust down the ratios of other fluids in your recipe to get everything perfect.